Don and Pat have been collecting, restoring and selling antiques/collectibles for many years.  Here are photos of several items that we've retained... 

Victor-Victrola Talking Machine VV-IVa Phonograph Record Player 1904. 



Very old sled (European import).


Howard Miller walnut grandfathers clock purchased 1997 (not antique).


H. Kalish 9" Statue Realism Signed Bronze Men & Women "LA DANSE" D'apres Renoir.



Very old primitive upright cabinet. (European import)


Child's bank (reproduction)


Cast bronze "Bucking Bronco".


Two Fine Handcrafted Porcelain Lladró® figurines.



Antique Pyrography Wooden Oval Tray • Signed Hand Painted Art • Floral 15-1/2 in.


Black cast iron tea kettle.

Walnut and glass serving tray.

Store scale (reproduction).


Large and heavy ceramic candle lit urn (not an antique but a very special piece)



 Child's bank (reproduction).



Revolutionary War 18th Century brass Georgian dinner Servant bell with wood Handle.



Restored oak bench from a bank with new upholstery inserts and matching pillows.


Restored oak wall bench reportedly used in a train station.


A handmade wooden box now serving as a resting place for the ashes of our departed Golden Retriever "Pfeil".

Walnut 18 drawer cabinet along with a wooden tuning tool and a pewter statue of an organ grinder man.

Large and heavy man-made cabinet from South Texas. (Not an antique per se)

Smaller old cabinet imported from Europe and adorned with painted artwork.

Collectible candle holder which was given to Don from his Mom.

Very old handmade imported European blanket chest.

Handmade wall clock with replacement movement. 

Octagonal wall clock with replacement movement. (one of two similar clocks)

Repurposed antique radio speaker converted to mantle clock with a new clock insert.

Oak school clock with replacement movement.

Walnut shelf clock with replacement movement alongside a "Hear no evil, See no evil, Speak no evil" lamp.

All original Waterbury wall clock.

Antique English Oak Biscuit Barrel Jar With EPNS Lid Shield And Porcela Insert.


 Old copper pans.

Antique Ukelin instrument 1923 manufactures Advertising Co, serial # 5714.



Restored "Silverton" clarinet with original case.

Slag glass desk lamp.