Note:  This article describes the construction of our newest Koi pond that started in the fall of 2015.  

Phase 1 - Planning


Note:  This site was picked so as to make the Koi pond visable from our screened in back porch. 




Phase 2 - Construction


Getting started 11/21/2015.  Note close proximity to the rear door of the screened in porch.


Digging in progress.  Hired help (Don)worked cheap albeit slow and steady.  :>)


Getting ready to pour concrete footings that will support pond walls. 


Congrete footings poured.


Concrete block wall constuction in progress.  


Pond walls nearly completed and waterfall spill way in place. 


Walls toped with brick and ready for pouring of the concrete floor.


Phase 3 - Completion 

Pond completed June 2016.  Painted inside and out.


Filter system in back of waterfall.  


50 Koi babies added.   Purchased online from


Completed pond and surounding landscraping, surrounding paver patio and adjacent screened in porch.


This project was accomplished entirely by Don and Pat at a total cost of about $3000.  You are welcome to email comments/questions to dThis email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .