Pat and I are fortunate to be able to do as we please in our retirement years.   We both have special interests.   Pat is an avid reader and I enjoy various hobbies including gardening and Amateur Radio.  Physical fitness is also important and the reason we regularly attend group fitness classes at  the Murray-Calloway County Hospital Center for Health and Wellness.   Mental fitness is something we tend to "forget about."

In 2016 Don decided to pursue a third graduate degree for many reason including:

  • To  narrow  the  ever widening "knowledge gap" between the younger and older generations.   We are never to old to stop learning!
  • Share a lifetime of experiences with his classmates while at the same time gaining a better understanding of their perspectives on living in today's world.  Fortunately, many classes are taught in a "seminar" method which facilitates a free exchange of ideas between the students.
  • Just makes him feel good to be productive in accomplishing something heconsiders important at this stage of life.  
  • To gain first hand knowledge and experience about being a successful senior learner.   Hopefully, he can inspire other seniors to do the same.
  • An effective way to help improve mental fitness as discussed at Sharper Mind.
  • We were then living in Murray, KY, the home town of Murray State University whose motto is "Opportunity afforded".  These opportunities include numerous graduate degree programs described at  Don decided to concentrate his studies toward  a MS in Mass Communications degree.  

In 2017 we sold our Murray home and relocated to Hattiesburg, MS.  Having researched lifelong learning opportunities in Hattiesburg, Don discovered the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI).  OLLI offers classes to meet the needs of active adult lifelong learners.  To learn more about this wonderful place of learning for senitons Click HERE.