During 2017:

  • Added  top soil berm planted with Asian Jasmine ground cover in the backyard
  • Cleared underbrush from the property
  • Installed new custom drapery in the living room
  • Installed new kitchen light fixtures
  • Added two wall sconces to the dining room
  • Installed LED security lighting in the front and backyards
  • Installed a whole home monitored security system
  • Painted the den/TV room
  • Installed under the kitchen sink water purification system

During 2018:

  • Re-painted the back deck
  • Constructed a brick lawn border throughout the landscape
  • Added a lighted water fountain adjacent to the rear deck in the backyard (See photo below)
  • Constructed a lighted brick mailbox (see photo below)
  • Refurbished the half basement.  Converted it into a dual-purpose basement workshop and storm shelter. 


During 2019:

  • Repainted the back deck.
  • Installed a ventilation fan in the basement.
  • Added additional lighting in the basement.
  • Installed a ventilation fan in the attic.
  • Replaced the heat pump with a conventional Trane $6000 5 ton natural gas-fired furnace and air conditioning system. 
  • Roofing inspection conducted followed by the correction of several minor deficiencies.  The inspector estimated that the life of the roofing was 10-12 years. Click >> Roofing Inspection Report and >>Roofing Repairs Completed for more information.
  • Converted an interior storage locker to a coat closet.
  • Removed several problem trees from the back yard. 

During 2020:

  • Constructed an arbor and swing along with a lighted brick water fountain and planter to the backyard. 


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