Amateur Radio station sale

The above station equipment is for sale as described below:

  1.  Kenwood TS-590SG as described at
  2.  Kenwood TS-870S as described at  CW power out is somewhat soft but acceptable on SSB.
  3. Palstar AT1500BAL balanced line antenna tuner reviewed at  The meter bulb is faulty.
  4. BapFeng BF-F8Hp handy talkie and charger as described at
  5. SDRplay RSP1A as described at
  6. Kenwood PS-52 matching Kenwood TS-870 power supply as described at
  7. Ameritron HF power amp AL-80B with one spare 3-500 tube as described at 
  8. ACOM 1010 linear amp as described at
  9.  Diawa CN-801 SWR and Wattmeter as reviewed at The meter bulb is faulty.
  10. Kenwood PS-52 matching Kenwood TS-870 speaker SP-31 as described at
  11. Military surplus dummy load

Note:  Aditional information at

The above additional equipment is also for sale as described below: 

12   LyxPro KDS-1 Microphone stand as described at

13   RF 50ohm coax in-line filter

14   Two boxes of miscellaneous cable and components

15  Diety VO-7U dynamic USB microphone as described at

16  Prototype Heil PR-35 dynamic microphone with XLR cable as described at

17  40 through 10 meter 450-ohm ladder line fed delta loop antenna with nylon halyards and pulleys 

        18. dbx 286s microphone preamp and processor as described at rack mounted in a two-place enclosure.

All of the foregoing equipment is being offered for sale in excellent one-owner condition unless otherwise noted.  This is a total package deal for $3600 cash or cashier's check with pickup in Montgomery, AL. Most manuals and original shipping boxes are included.

Call or text me at 601-658-2808 or email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for additional information or to schedule a visit to the ham shack.

73,  Don  K4QKY


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